6 Ways to Increase Conversions on Your Site Using Popups

Of all the online marketing tools, popups have perhaps the worst reputation. Many people think of popups as an unwelcome distraction, and an old-school marketing technique.

When used correctly, however, popups can actually be an effective tool for increasing conversions on your website. This holds true as long as they add value and appear at the right time. By using popups that are helpful to your audience, you are much more likely to engage visitors.

In this article, we’ll discuss the potential popups offer for increasing conversions. Then we’ll talk about a number of ways you can use them on your own website. Let’s get started!

How Popups Can Increase Conversions

At this point you may be asking, if popups get so much bad press, why are they used so often? The answer is that they work, but only if used correctly. When a popup appears at the right time and offers something relevant to the user, it can be a very effective tool.

Popups that offer value get clicks. It also helps if they have a clear message, a quality image, and well-written copy. This popup, for example, is from QuickSprout, a website that offers advice and training webinars on website design and digital marketing:

Here you see a friendly image, an enticing offer, and a clear Call to Action (CTA) in the form of a button that promises the desired information right away.

What you offer in your popups can make all the difference. On a site like QuickSprout, popups promise information and results. Many others offer benefits such as free ebook guides, webinars, discount codes, or simply ‘getting the latest news'.

Timing is also important for a popup to be effective. Some popups are designed to appear after a user has been on your website for a certain amount of time. If the user is still on your site, after all, they are probably interested in what you have to offer.

A visitor might be reading a blog post, for example, and a popup appears offering them something related to that post's topic. In that scenario, they are more likely to respond positively.

If you are reading a post about how to make money and this popup appears, for example, there's a good chance it will catch your attention. It offers additional and potentially valuable information on the same subject you're already interested in.

6 Ways to Increase Conversions on Your Site Using Popups

Now that you know why popups can be effective, let’s take a look at some of the ways they can be used to increase conversions on your website.

1. Grab Attention on Landing Pages

When someone arrives on your web page, it’s usually because they are curious about what you have to offer. A popup on a landing page can help you to capture a visitor’s attention at that crucial moment.

A user who is already engaged on your site is more likely to convert. Therefore, you can use this popup to offer them something that rewards their curiosity, such as a newsletter, a freebie, or a promo.

2. Offer Helpful Information

Popups do not always have to push sales. You can also use them to provide valuable information and tips that your users may find helpful:

A popup ebook offer.

Offering information to your visitors this way is a smart method for establishing your site as a reliable and credible source of material. Plus, you'll be educating your audience on topics related to your niche, services, and/or products.

3. Capture Email Leads or Social Media Followers

If a user has been on your site for a period of time, it likely means they are interested in what you have to say. You can then offer them additional content using a popup, in exchange for an email address or a follow on social media.

Once a user knows the value of your site, they may be happy to receive regular updates. You can build a database of emails and followers this way for those most interested in your content, and offer them exclusive promotions at a later date.

4. Encourage Visitors to Stay on Your Site Longer

An ‘exit intent' popup appears when a visitor is about to leave your site. When their mouse cursor leaves your page, this triggers the popup.

Having a popup appear in this way gives you one final chance to keep visitors engaged on your site. By offering something they can’t refuse at the moment when they're thinking about leaving, you have a much greater chance of converting your users.

5. Recommend Products Visitors May Be Interested In

If you sell products or run an affiliate site, another effective use of popups is to display items that are related to customer interests. Amazon thrives on this model, recommending additional products whenever you put something in your shopping cart.

Customers are not always aware of certain products or accessories that they may also want, which makes these kinds of popups a great way to increase sales. This is also a useful method for showcasing top-selling and popular products.

6. Collect Visitor Feedback

Finally, a great way to let customers know that you care about what they think is to collect feedback. One way to do that is by using a popup window.

Customer feedback can help you improve your site and offer better products or services. Plus, customers who know you are interested in their opinions are more likely to come back, which can have a beneficial effect on sales.


Popups can serve many different purposes on your website. However you choose to use them, offering value with your popups can make them an effective tool.

As we've seen, you can increase conversions using popups by following these six tips:

  1. Grab attention on landing pages.
  2. Offer helpful information.
  3. Capture email leads or social media followers.
  4. Encourage visitors to stay on your site longer.
  5. Recommend products visitors may be interested in.
  6. Collect visitor feedback.

Do you have any questions about popups and how to use them effectively? Ask away in the comments section below!