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Affiliate Royale is a WordPress Plugin

Because Affiliate Royale is a WordPress plugin, it has the easiest installation imaginable. Affiliate Royale was built from the ground up to integrate with and leverage the WordPress platform to give you an awesome experience. Here's some of what you get because of this:

  • Installs as a WordPress Plugin
  • Seamlessly integrates with your WordPress website's admin panel
  • Seamlessly integrates with your website's look and feel
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Affiliate Dashboard

Affiliate Royale gives your affiliates all they need to get started and excel. Here's what they'll get with Affiliate Royale:

  • Easy Affiliate Signup
  • Affiliate Login Page
  • Edit Account Information
  • Stats Overview
  • Download Links & Banners
  • Payment History
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Merchant Admin Panel

Affiliate Royale gives you everything you need to attract and keep your affiliates happy. Here are the features available to you to monitor and customize your affiliate program with Affiliate Royale:

  • View Overall Stats
  • See List of Top Affiliates
  • View Affiliate Referral Clicks in Real Time
  • List of Affiliate Transactions
  • Ability to add refunds and have Affiliate Royale automatically re-calculate commissions
  • Easy system for Accounting for and Paying Affiliates
  • Download PayPal Mass Payment File when paying affiliate commissions
  • Create plain links for Affiliates to use
  • Upload banner images for Affiliates to use
  • Select / auto-create specific WordPress pages for the affiliate signup, login and dashboard pages
  • Setup up to 100 commission levels to pay affiliates
  • Optionally hide some fields on the affiliate signup
  • Specify paying affiliates via Check or PayPal
  • Set Cookie Expiration
  • Modify the welcome message in the Affiliates' dashboard
  • Enable / Disable affiliate commission notification emails to the Merchant and Affiliate
  • Modify the text of the affiliate commission notification emails
  • Add AWeber list information to automatically collect leads on affiliate signup page
  • See which users are and aren't affiliates
  • See who referred each user
  • Set individualized commissions for users (overrides the global commission values)
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Payment System Integration

Affiliate is extremely flexible when it comes to being able to integrate with your current payment system. Take a look:

  • Able to integrate with PayPal, Authorize.Net ARB, Wishlist Member + Paypal for Recurring Payments
  • Able to integrate with PayPal, Authorize.Net ARB, Wishlist Member + PayPal, Shopp and Cart66 through the Affiliate Royale options page
  • Instructions on how to integrate with hundreds of other payment solutions using an Affiliate Royale tracking pixel
  • If you have the knowhow or hire a developer, Affiliate Royale can integrate with just about any payment solution imaginable (including custom payment solutions). It has plenty of WordPress hooks and an easy to use integration API — which can reduce development costs dramatically.