Affiliate Royale 1.4.1

Affiliate Royale 1.4.1 has been released. This is a critical update for anyone integrating directly with PayPal's Buy Now or Subscribe buttons. This also affects WishList Member + PayPal users. If you're integrating Affiliate Royale with PayPal buttons directly or via WishList Member we strongly recommend upgrading to this version right away and following the PayPal button conversion instructions below.

Version 1.4.1 also contains a new integration with Get Response, and a handful of other features/bug-fixes. The full list of changes is at the bottom of this post.

PayPal Button Conversion Instructions:

Due to unannounced changes to the way Shortcodes are allowed to be parsed in WordPress 4.2.3+ – we've had to issue a critical fix for anyone using PayPal buttons integration. This affects WishList Members + PayPal user's as well.

The fix is relatively simple, but will require you to modify all of your existing PayPal buttons HTML a bit after upgrading to Affiliate Royale 1.4.1 or newer.

You'll need to edit the HTML you copied onto your page and replace <input type=”hidden” name=”custom” value=”[wafp_custom_args]”> with just [wafp_custom_args] and <input type=”hidden” name=”notify_url” value=”[wafp_ipn]”> with just [wafp_ipn].

For WishList Member + PayPal, do the above for only the “[wafp_custom_args]” line as the “[wafp_ipn]” shortcode is not used.

Change Log:

  • CRITICAL – Changed PayPal button integration. This affects PayPal and WishList Member integration's.
  • Added GetResponse autoresponder
  • Added [wafp_show_if_is_affiliate] shortcode
  • Added nonce to signup form to help prevent XSS
  • Added ability to add buyer name and email when manually creating transactions
  • Changed TOS to show up on become affiliate page
  • Removed some vestigial DB upgrade code
  • Fixed Shopp integration
  • Fixed WooCommerce integration
  • Fixed an issue with blank Affiliate Royale signup form
  • Fixed conflict with Formidable Pro plugin
  • Fixed – more robust cookie checking on default affiliate links
  • Fixed issue with HTTPS sites
  • Fixed wp_signon issue

Affiliate Royale 1.4.0

We're proud to announce the release of Affiliate Royale version 1.4.0. We've added some cool new features to this version and its now included with MemberPress membership plugin users. Yes, you heard that right … Affiliate Royale is included with MemberPress! If you're a current MemberPress user or have been considering buying it — you should definitely read this blog post for more info. Below are the feature highlights for this release.


Block Affiliates

A new option in the users profile allows you to choose whether or not this affiliate should be blocked. When this setting is enabled, the affiliates commissions are still tracked, however they cannot access their affiliate dashboard and will see the message you specify instead. Because you may need to block affiliates for different reasons, you can specify the exact message to show on a per-affiliate basis. Blocked affiliates are also flagged on the Pay Affiliates page (see below) so you can quickly identify them to ensure they don't get paid.

Block Affiliates

Settings for blocking affiliates reside on their profile page in the dashboard.


Minimum Payout

Want to set a minimum commission payout amount? Now you can with Affiliate Royale 1.4.0! This new option will flag affiliates who have not yet met the minimum payout amount on the Pay Affiliates page (see below).

Minimum Payout

New setting allows you to set a minimum payout for affiliates.


Pay Affiliates Highlighting

As part of the two new features listed above, affiliates who are blocked, haven't met the minimum payout, or should not be paid for any other reason are now highlighted in red on the Pay Affiliates page. The highlighting and new Status column will allow you to quickly identify which affiliates to pay, and which need further follow-up. This is a very powerful, time-saving feature that we are sure you will appreciate!

Pay Affiliates Highlighting

Quickly see which affiliates should be paid, and which need further follow-up.



  • Now works as a MemberPress add-on. If you're already a MemberPress user, just use your MemberPress license key to activate.
  • Added a minimum payout option
  • Added ability to block affiliates (in their dashboard profile) — and show them a message when they're blocked
  • Added color coding on pay affiliates page to indicate blocked affiliates and below minimum payout affiliates
  • Added MailChimp email list integration
  • Fixed bug – affiliates getting commissions for own purchases
  • Various other bug fixes

Release 1.3.2

  • Adds support for DigLab's Stripe Payments plugin for WordPress
  • Fixed some issues with menu ordering
  • Fixed an issue with pretty affiliate links when running wordpress in a subdomain
  • Other minor fixes

Affiliate Royale 1.2

Affiliate Royale 1.2 is a major release … it represents months of work and implements many highly requested features. Here's a breakdown of what has changed:

  • Fixed a commission calculation issue to subtract Shipping/Tax from orders before recording
  • Added an option to force affiliates to fill in information before receiving commissions
  • Added a Default Affiliate Link option (which initially defaults to the first available link/banner)
  • Added a link to the User Manual from the wordpress admin
  • Added the ability to add an affiliate signup agreement
  • Fixed some issues with the automatic update code
  • Aweber API Integration fixes
  • Added several new list tables for viewing & searching completed payments, referred subscriptions, affiliate accounts & referred sales
  • Added 1 click copy to clipboard on the affiliate dashboard for affiliate links & banners
  • Added post processing (via cron) for & other gateway responses
  • Separated account info from home page of affiliate dashboard
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with W3 Total Cache
  • Added a label for text links
  • Added the option to make Affiliate links “Pretty”
  • Added a slug field to name affiliate links when pretty affiliate link option is enabled
  • Fixed date range issues in select month list for reports
  • Added the ability to select Multiple payment integrations
  • Restyled the nav bar to make it more compatible across various themes
  • Added the ability to add links to the dashboard nav bar
  • Added more stats to the affiliate dashboard
  • Fixed issues with Shopp integration
  • Fixed issues with International currencies
  • Fixed numerous smaller issues

1.1.1 Release of Affiliate Royale

This release pushes the following changes:

  • Added an ability for the admin to change an affiliate's referrer on their user profile page
  • Fixed an issue with the Affiliate Royale automatic updates
  • Fixed an issue where 0%, 2nd level, “ghost” commissions were being recorded erroneously for affiliate referrers even when there is only one level
  • Added logic that will automatically reassign the affiliate children of an affiliate to her affiliate referrer (parent) when she's deleted as a user from the system

Version 1.0.8 Launches

This latest version of Affiliate Royale fixes the following:

  • Fixed an issue where some themes were displaying the Affiliate Royale signup, login and dashboard twice
  • Fixed a confusing error message when the charts display
  • Shored up the security by disallowing direct page loads of AR php scripts
  • Fixed an issue affecting users running WordPress in a subfolder

Version 1.0.06 Just Released

This revision adds several new features and bug fixes:

  • Fixed a few issues with css style enqueuing
  • Added an Affiliate table for viewing and searching affiliate stats
  • Added a weekly status dashboard widget
  • Added the ability to automatically make all new users into affiliates

All users should upgrade to this release as it does contain some important fixes.

Affiliate Royale Version 1.0.03

Today we just released version 1.0.03 of Affiliate Royale. The following changes have been made:

  • The Options Page has been redesigned
  • A tracking shortcode has been added
  • Added a country field to the affiliate signup and dashboard pages
  • Added the ability to customize the welcome message
  • Added the ability to resend the welcome message from the user profile page
  • Fixed several security and performance issues