Here’s How Affiliate Royale Makes it Easy
to Setup and Manage Your Affiliate Program

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Getting started with Affiliate Royale is simple

Starting an affiliate program for your products can be confusing. You can get roped into some stiff fees when you outsource your Affiliate Program or use a 3rd party hosted solution—and there are some significant technical challenges with setting up a self-hosted affiliate program that actually works with your shopping cart. With both of these types of solutions it can be difficult if not impossible to use your company's look and feel.

These challenges prevent many merchants from starting an affiliate program at all.

An affiliate program should be straight forward to get working. What you need is a place for your affiliates to manage their account, for you to manage your affiliates and a way to connect your affiliate program to your shopping cart.

Affiliate Royale is better for your business than 3rd party hosted affiliate program services because you don't have to pay monthly for it or a percentage for each affiliate transaction.

Affiliate Royale is better for your business than traditional self-hosted solutions because it's so easy to setup, uses the look and feel of your website and seamlessly integrates with your WordPress admin.

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Easy Installation & Setup

This is how you install Affiliate Royale: Download the Affiliate Royale zip file, upload & install on your WordPress website.

“What,” you say? No special scripts to run on your web-server? No manual manipulation of the database? No creation of special templates so that your Affiliate Program graphics match your website?

That's right! Once Affiliate Royale is installed on your WordPress website you'll have a full affiliate program.

The bottom line is this: if you know how to install a WordPress Plugin then you know how to launch an affiliate program with Affiliate Royale … yourself.

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A Powerful Dashboard for Your Affiliates to Manage their Accounts

When installed, Affiliate Royale allows you to automatically create a page where your affiliates can sign up, a page where your affiliates can login and a page for their management dashboard.


In their Affiliate Management Dashboard, your affiliates will be able to monitor their stats, edit their account information, download their links & banners and view their payment history.


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A Powerful and Easy to Use Admin Panel to Manage Your Affiliates

You'll find everything you need to run your Affiliate Program right there in your WordPress admin once you install Affiliate Royale.

In your Affiliate Royale Admin Panel you're able to view several different reports including an overall stats for your affiliates, a listing of your top affiliates, the clicks coming in, transactions and a report of what you owe your affiliates at any given time.


With Affiliate Royale's Admin Panel its easy to add links and banners for your Affiliates to use.


You can also configure many different aspects of your affiliate program here. You're able to setup your commission levels (Affiliate Royale allows you to pay 1 to 99 levels of commissions), how you'll pay your Affiliates, what payment system you're using, cookie expiration, the text of your affiliate welcome & sale notification messages, Aweber integration and more.


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An Ultra-Simple way to Work With Your Shopping Cart or Membership Software

Affiliate Royale can easily be setup to track initial and recurring payments coming from MemberPress, PayPal, Authorize.Net ARB, WP eCommerce, Cart66, WooCommerce, Wishlist Member (when using PayPal with WLM) and the Shopp Plugin for WordPress. In addition to this Affiliate Royale is capable of tracking affiliate commissions from hundreds of Shopping Carts and Payment Gateways.

We've compiled simple instructions for getting Affiliate Royale to work with Shopping Carts like 1ShoppingCart, Volusion and many others — you can find a more complete but expanding list of these on our Integration Options page.