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Learning The Menus

Affiliate Royale has a number of Menu's to help you quickly get to what you need. At first though, these menu's may be a bit confusing. Below is a complete reference for what information or actions you can perform under each menu.

Reports - This is where you can view who your top referring affiliates are. As well as see a nice graph and date table outlining how many affiliate links were clicked, and how many of those clicks translated to sales. This is a great place to get a quick birds eye view of how your affiliate program is doing over-all.

Affiliates - This menu shows a highly searchable and sortable data-table of each of your affiliates. It shows data such as how many clicks/commissions each affiliate has Month To Date (MTD) and Year To Date (YTD). It also shows who -- if any -- was the affiliate that referred them to the site, and what date the affiliate joined your affiliate program on. You can also click the affiliate's name in the table for a quick link to their profile page where you can edit/view their personal information.

Clicks - Everytime an affiliate link is clicked, it is recorded in the database. This menu lets you view, search, and sort these clicks. Each click records the date/time, IP address, referring affiliate, product URL, and referrer URL related to the click.

Sales - Every time a sale is made, or a subscription is purchased through an affiliate referral, the sale is recorded by Affiliate Royale so you can view how much the sale was for, and how much commission was paid to the affiliate. This menu also allows you to enter corrections (aka refunds on sales). For example let's say that Affiliate A refers a sale, but the buyer requests a refund on the product or service the next day. This menu allows you to define that the product was refunded, which will eliminate this affiliates commission on the refunded purchase. You typically don't want to pay affiliates for refunded or bogus transactions.

Subscriptions - This menu is solely for subscription type products and services. You cannot change or modify this information. It is only a reference for you to see what subscriptions have been purchased through affiliate referrals. This data table is searchable and sortable, and does display which type the subscription is (example: PayPal or ARB).

Pay Affiliates - If affiliates have outstanding commissions, you can pay them, then mark them as paid in Affiliate Royale. After clicking the "Pay Affiliates" button at the bottom of this page, you will be given an option to download a Mass Payments file for PayPal. Upload that mass payments file to your PayPal account to pay all of your affiliates at once.

Payments - Each time you pay an affiliate or mark their outstanding commissions as paid, a record of that payment is available to view later here. This is a great place to see when, how much, and how often you are paying your affiliates.

Links & Banners - This is where you will define the different types of links and/or banners your affiliates can use to promote your product(s) and/or service(s). For more information please see this article on setting up Links & Banners.

Options - Here is where you can define how your affiliate program works, and what pages it will reside on. For a more in-depth coverage of the available Options please see the first seven articles listed in this category.

Activate - You will only have to use this menu once. It is for activating your Affiliate Royale Product. The plugin is unusable until you have activated it with a working Username and Password. Here is a tutorial on how to Activate Affiliate Royale.

Last Updated: July 18, 2013
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