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Affiliate Dashboard Settings

What is the Affiliate Dashboard for? - The Affiliate Dashboard is a convenient place for your affiliates to login and view/download their links and banners, update their profile and payment options, and view their referral/payment histories. The nice thing about the Affiliate Dashboard, is that it resides on the front-end of your site, this means your affiliates never have to access the WordPress dashboard.

What is the Welcome Message? - The welcome message is the first thing affiliates will see when they login to their affiliate dashboards. It shows up on their "Home" tab. This is a perfect place for you to put any custom instructions for your affiliates to follow, or just a kind word or two.

Dashboard Style - Currently there is only one option here, Dashboard page width. The width of pages varies between WordPress themes, so as a nice way for you to make sure you affiliate dashboard looks good with your them, you can customize its width in pixels here.

Additional Nav Pages - Additional Nav Pages allows you to add extra tabs to the dashboard for your affiliates to click on. For example you may want to add a Privacy Policy or a Signup Agreement. See the image below:

Last Updated: July 30, 2012
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