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Setting Commission Levels

What are Affiliate Commissions? - Commissions are typically a percentage of a transaction that you pay to an affiliate when he/she refers a sale of your product(s) or service(s). For example, pretend you are selling a cool new gadget on your site for $10. If you pay your affiliates 10%, then each time that new gadget is purchased by an end user who was referred through the affiliate's link, the affiliate would get $1 or 10% of that sale. You as the merchant would then keep $9 or 90% of that sale.

What are Commission Levels? - Commission levels allow you to create varying percentages paid to affiliates and parent-affiliates. For example, let's say Affiliate A refers a new affiliate, Affiliate B. Affiliate A would be the parent-affiliate of Affiliate B. Your commission levels are set to Level 1 = 10%, Level 2 = 5%. Now when a sale is made through Affiliate A, Affiliate A get's 10% of the sale and Affiliate B gets nothing. When a sale is made through Affiliate B, Affiliate B gets 10% and Affiliate A gets 5%.

What are Recurring Commissions? - Recurring commissions are typically useful for subscription type products or services. If you enable recurring commissions, then your affiliate(s) will continually get their cut every time that subscription is renewed. To pay affiliates only the first time, leave this option disabled.

Last Updated: July 30, 2012
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