Make your Affiliates More Successful with Swipe Copy

Affiliate marketing is a lot of work. The entire process requires careful planning and strategy to make sure that your marketing campaign goes well and that everyone involved is successful. Because, when your affiliate partners are successful, your business is successful.

How do affiliate partners represent your brand effectively while still showing themselves as credible and trustworthy experts? One way to achieve this is by making swipe files and swipe copy readily available for your affiliates.

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What is Swipe Copy?

Swipe copy is copy-and-paste copywriting that businesses have in their arsenal that is used to help your affiliates easily create copy that will help them to better promote your business.

Swipe copy is one part of an affiliate marketing swipe file. A swipe file is a collection of successful and effective marketing and copy examples that work and provide much-needed inspiration during those times when you hit a mental block and need some ideas to get you back up and running. 

Your swipe file can contain anything from old newspaper advertisements, copy of a great email series, powerful images and words, and even an example of copy that has worked great for your business in the past.

Swipe copy isn’t meant to be copied word-for-word; this information is meant to be used to help your affiliate partners craft their own content in a way that pertains to their specific audience and encourages sales of your particular product or services. Be sure to remind your affiliates who they are speaking to and what your brand is all about. 

Is Swipe Copy Really That Beneficial?

In short, YES!

Communication is everything in affiliate marketing, and if your affiliates aren’t the strongest copywriters, swipe copy can become a valuable resource for them. You can include examples of strong blog copy, social media captions, and email subject lines to help them create compelling content that accurately represents your brand and helps to boost conversions. 

In addition to copy examples, you can also include data about your business’ customer bases, premade banners and/or approved photos, and more tips and guidelines on your business’ branding.

Why Can’t Affiliates Copy the Swipe Copy?

There are a few reasons that it isn’t a good idea for your affiliates to simply copy-and-paste the swipe files that you offer to them:

  1. It’s bad for SEO – If every single affiliate in your program decides to use the content that you have given them, you are asking for all your hard work to go down the drain, because the search engines do not like finding the same exact content in multiple places. Duplicate content is not beneficial to your SEO strategy and can hurt your rankings.
  2. It’s bad for your reputation – No consumer likes to obviously be sold to. We’ve all been there – we’ve met an affiliate or sales representative for a company that we hate to see coming our way. Why? Because we know they are always aiming to sell us something! They use the same approach, same language, the same everything to attempt to make a sale. Encourage your affiliates to take a unique approach to their promotion of your business so potential customers won’t run away from your business.
  3. It doesn’t help your affiliates improve – Anytime someone joins a new affiliate program, they come in with a certain set of ideas and assumptions. The longer they are in the affiliate program, the more they learn about the company and how to speak for that company. If you give your affiliates copy-and-paste material that they never really work on or learn anything from, they will never learn how to improve and become better representatives for your business. In the end, that’s bad for your business.

Final Tips for Using Swipe Copy

Here are a few things to keep in mind when using swipe copy and sharing it with your affiliates:

  1. Give your affiliates the highlights – When you send your swipe file over to your affiliate partners, be sure to that the content in that file includes content that shows affiliates how to keep the branding consistent, guidelines on whether or not to mention competitors, and how to emphasize certain products and services that your business offers and sells well.
  2. Give your affiliates messaging options – You can’t use the same language and messaging for every product/service or every situation. Be sure to provide swipe files with different tones and messaging to ensure that your affiliates will be prepared to represent your company in any environment or situation.
  3. Keep your audience in mind – When compiling content for your swipe file, make sure to compile content and examples that pertain to your audience, and speak to them properly. This will help your affiliates understand how your company wants to portray themselves to the public.
  4. Update your swipe file – Creating a swipe file and sending it to your affiliates does not mean that the work stops there. Don’t be afraid to update and edit your swipe copy every so often. You may have found a new set of copy that converts well or that matches the vibe that you want your company to have – add it to your arsenal! The entire point of having swipe copy is to use it for reference and inspiration – there is nothing wrong with freshening that arsenal of resources up every so often!

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Swipe copy is a critical piece of the affiliate marketing puzzle. Without it, you can easily run the risk of your affiliate promotions coming off inconsistent and ungenerous. Give your affiliates a helping hand by offering them swipe copy that will help them properly represent and market your company, which equates increased conversion rates for your business and passive income for your affiliates. Everyone is happy!

Do you use swipe copy in your business?

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