How to Convert Customers Into Loyal Affiliates

Bringing in new affiliates can mean opening up your business to an even larger pool of customers, and whether you’re new to affiliate marketing or a seasoned professional, finding people to promote your business is hard work, but it can definitely pay off in the long run.

However, if you have customers in your business currently, you already have a group of people you can look to as affiliates! Think about it: your customers already have experience with your online business and they know the value your small business brings to the table – why wouldn’t they be the ideal people to help you promote your business?!

In this post, we are going to give you a few tips on how to convert your customers to loyal and productive advocates in your affiliate marketing program!

Get The Word Out

The first step to bringing current customers into your affiliate program is to let them know that you have an affiliate program in the first place! Here are a few tips on how to promote the program to your customers:

  1. Use Emails – Send emails out to your current customers to let them know about the affiliate program and what they can get out of it if they join.
  2. Promote on Social Media – Use your social media profiles to let your customers, and your other loyal followers know that they can become affiliate partners with your online business.
  3. Incorporate Banners – Using banners on your website to emphasize your program, show people how to join, and benefits of joining your affiliate program.
  4. Blog Posts – Write blog posts to announce your affiliate program to the plugin, and even use your blog as an opportunity to explain how the program works. You can also use your blog posts to include CTAs within the posts to entice customers to join.

Offer Plenty of Details

Another great way to persuade customers to join your affiliate program is to be completely transparent and give plenty of details for customers to work with so they can make their decision. Include information such as commission rate, the purpose behind your program, types of content affiliates will be expected to use, and requirements for the program, if any (do customers need a certain amount of followers? Do they need to have a certain social media platform? Will there be an approval process for them to join?).

Offer Stellar Customer Service

When you start an online business, you quickly learn that customer service is vital to the success of the business – for many customers, great customer service is the factor that helps them decide whether or not to work with your company. Not only will this get customers on board in the first place, but it will also be another example for your affiliates to use when they are referring your company to other customers.

Offer Freebies and Surprise Deals

It’s no secret that all consumers love discounts and free stuff! Customers who have not yet decided to make a purchase with your business are more likely to when a coupon is involved, and customers are more likely to make another purchase when a discount is involved. Not only does this increase your business’ revenue, but this is another excellent way to get people talking about you and how awesome your business is.

Personalize Your Business

There’s nothing more attractive to customers than a business that knows their name. Consumers are naturally attracted to brands that offer a personalized feel and show that they genuinely care about their customers. Recognizing special events, such as customer birthdays, anniversaries with joining your organization, including their names in emails, are all excellent ways to add a personal touch to your small business and delight customers.

Actively Ask for Feedback

Your online business can’t read minds, so make sure that you have methods in place to get feedback from your customers. Asking for testimonials, offering surveys, and having suggestion boxes are great ways to see what your customers have to say about your business and keep the lines of communication open between your customers and your business. And if your customers see that you are asking for feedback and acting on that feedback, they are likely to stick with your business and want to tell others about it. 

Analyze the Data

We cannot emphasize enough how important analytics are. Anytime a customer makes a purchase with your online business, you should have a system in place to see how they found your business, what pages were viewed, which products or services were purchased, and more. You can use this information to understand the best ways to target and recruit your customers so you can convert them into affiliate partners and help you improve your customers’ experience with your business.

Segment Your Lists

As your email list grows, you will quickly find that you need segmented lists that serve different purposes in your business. You can create lists for subscribers by subscription level, the purchase amount, or you can base it on how often they interact with your customer support team. You can use these lists to customize your messaging and cater to your customers on a more personal level, based on their interactions with your small business.

Reach Out

Last but not least, reach out to your customers personally! Watch for interactions of mentions of your business online and make sure to engage. Let’s say that you wrote a blog post about your affiliate program and created a Click-to-Tweet link for your readers to use to share on social media. Anytime a customer tweets that message out, be sure to like their Tweet and tell them thank you. You can even encourage them to join your affiliate program. Not only will they be impressed that your company actually noticed their Tweet, but they’ll be more likely to look into your affiliate program and join your team!

Gathering affiliates for your program requires some elbow grease, but it doesn’t have to be impossible, especially when you already have customers actively participating in your business! We hope you will keep these tips in mind and build an affiliate program that will take your business to new heights!

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10 Ways to Prepare Affiliates for Online Promotions

In your online business, you take a lot of time laying out plans for your upcoming sale or campaign, and when you get your affiliates involved, the last thing you need is for them to be distributing off-brand or inaccurate information about your promotion.

Bad representation by your affiliates can not only hurt sales, but it can also cause potential customers to lose trust in you and even damage your relationship with your affiliates.

Thankfully, we have a few tips that we are sure will help you to better prepare your affiliates for a successful marketing campaign!

Make Sure Your Affiliates Have All The Details

The first and most important thing you should do to best prepare your affiliate network for a promotion is to provide them with detailed information about that campaign. Send them detailed information about what you are promoting, the meaning behind your campaign, how long this will last, target audience, and more. Your affiliates are creative, smart, and have their own great ways of promoting your business, so ensuring that they have all of the information possible is critical to your business’ success.

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Remind Affiliates of Your Brand

While you are being detailed about your small business sale or promotion, be sure to include information for your affiliates about your business’ brand and how important it is to maintain brand identity. One major part of your affiliates’ role in your company is to promote and emphasize your brand to customers, so you want to make sure that the representation they are providing, whether that be in blog posts, social media, or on their YouTube channel, is accurate and appropriate. 

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Give Affiliates Useable Ideas

You’ve taken the time to plan out your promotion and you now know the vibe and appeal you are going for; However, your affiliates do not, and sometimes simply writing out your plans and expectations simply aren’t enough. Give your affiliates examples of ways that they can promote your online business using images, sample blog posts, and premade banners to help them create a promotion that will benefit both you and them.

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Give Affiliates Swipe Copy

Another great way to prepare your affiliates for promotions is the offer them swipe copy to use in their promotions. Swipe copy is content that your affiliates can copy and paste or use and alter to implement in their affiliate promotions. Not only does this help your affiliates save time and create content more quickly, but it also helps to ensure that your affiliates stay on brand and hit the high points of the promotion that you intended. This gives you security and peace of mind in the long run.

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Make Good Use of Time

Timing is everything when it comes to promotions and marketing. If you have a sale, special offer, or want to inform customers of a new product or service, ensuring that this information is delivered to current and potential customers at the appropriate time is critical. Ideally, affiliates appreciate receiving notice of the promotion at least a month, if not more, ahead of time so they can prepare their copy, take or source photos, and plan out their individual content strategy. Being wise with timing can easily be a huge factor in the success of your affiliates and your promotion.

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Open the Lines of Communication

The last thing you want to do is give your affiliates information and then totally shut down. Doing this is not only rude, but it’s not beneficial for your campaign AT ALL. Keep the lines of communication between you and your affiliates by allowing them to email you and/or your affiliate support team, offering support documents and videos to help affiliates along, or even opening a Facebook group or affiliate message board so your business and other affiliates can all come together in one space and help each other out.

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Offer Incentives

Who doesn’t love a good incentive? Your affiliates are already aware that anytime a sale is made using their link that they will earn a commission, but what if you added to that reward? Affiliates programs such as those in companies like Swagbucks not only offer regular commissions, but they also offer extra rewards for top referrals, or they even turn the promotion into a game, where individuals in your affiliate marketing program can team up to participate in promotions and earn bonuses. Your affiliate program is supposed to be a method of earning passive income for your affiliates, so make sure that it is worth their while and something that they enjoy being a part of.

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Marketing and promotions are critically important in your online business and involving your affiliate program in your plans can help to further emphasize your efforts in ways that you may not be able to do on your own. Remember, affiliates help you to reach audiences that your typical marketing efforts may not currently be reaching and they also offer a human touch and a relatability to your campaign that customers will appreciate.

We hope these tips will help you to better prepare your affiliates for your promotions and build profitability for your business!

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