How to Create Ads and Links for Your Affiliates Using Affiliate Royale

As you likely know, ads and links play a pivotal role in affiliate marketing. Your job as the program manager is to ensure that each affiliate gets their own personalized URLs. However, this can be a tedious, time consuming task.

Fortunately, Affiliate Royale makes it possible to create personalized URLs for links and banners with just a few clicks. Once created, these individualized URLs can be immediately used by your affiliates to promote your products and make sales (while also tracking each affiliate’s progress).

In this post, we’ll introduce you to the Links & Banners feature available within Affiliate Royale. We’ll then show you how to create unique ads and links for each of your affiliates along with two tips for sharing them most effectively. Let’s get started!

An Introduction to Affiliate Royale’s Links & Banners Feature

Affiliate Royale's links and banners feature

The Links & Banners feature enables you to create image and text ads within the Affiliate Royale dashboard. Your affiliates can then use them in their own marketing efforts.

As an affiliate program manager, you can also benefit from this feature. For example, the Links & Banners feature:

  • Makes creating personalized links for each affiliate simple – simply create the ads and links and let Affiliate Royale do the rest!
  • Saves you time that can be spent elsewhere on your program.

The feature is just one way that Affiliate Royale makes managing and running your program easy. In fact, it’s perhaps one of the most helpful (and financially beneficial) features offered by the plugin.

How to Create Ads and Links for Your Affiliates Using Affiliate Royale

The Affiliate Royale plugin.

Affiliate Royale is an affiliate program management tool with an array of features on-hand. One such tool, Links & Banners, enables you to effortlessly create affiliate-specific links and banner ads for your program.

To create links and banners for your affiliates, firstly go to your WordPress website’s back end, and navigate to Affiliate Royale > Links & Banners. To create a new link or banner from this screen, click Add New. There are four sections within the creation tool: Link Type, Target URL, Slug, and Text/Image. Select either Text or Banner from the Link Type drop-down:

Links & Banners creation page

If you’re creating a simple link, enter your Target URL and create a unique Slug. You don’t have to worry about adding affiliate IDs to the Slug, as Affiliate Royale will do that for you automatically. If you’re creating a banner, enter your Target URL and create a unique Slug. You’ll also want to upload your banner’s image file by clicking Choose under the Text/Image section.

Once you’re done, click Update Links & Banners at the bottom of the creation page. These will now be added directly to your affiliates’ Dashboards, so they can easily locate their affiliate-specific links and ads to use across the web.

2 Easy Ways to Share Your Ads and Links With Your Affiliates

Even with the ads and links located on the Affiliate Dashboard, it’s still helpful to share them directly with your affiliates. We recommend two ways of doing so.

1. Add Them to a Affiliate Resource Hub

An example of an affiliate resources hub

A resource hub is an excellent way to provide your affiliates with all the tools they need.

A resource hub is a place affiliates can go to find information. This includes how-to guides and even ads and links for your team to use. By adding these to your hub, you make it easy for affiliates to locate them. Here are two tips to get you started:

  1. Create a directory list of affiliates, including personalized links. You can do this for free with Google Sheets, then share the link to the document in your hub.
  2. Provide a generic link and detailed instructions. Since the personalized links follow a specific format, show your affiliates how they can turn any link into their own.

With the ads and links included in the resource hub, you now have a place on your affiliate site where all important tools are located. This will enable your affiliates to do their jobs successfully.

2. Include Them In an Affiliate Welcome Email

An affiliate program welcome email

A welcome email is the perfect place to share all resources – including ads and links – with your affiliates.

When affiliates are accepted to your program, it’s a good idea to send them a welcome email. This email should contain important information, including ads and links they can begin to use right away. Here are two effective ways for adding them:

  1. Include the ads and links URLs with the login credentials. This will ensure your affiliates see the URLs quickly.
  2. Link out to your affiliate directory. If you created an affiliate directory as mentioned above, you can provide the link to your directory document within the email.

By providing even your newest affiliates with their own ads and links, you empower them to begin work right away. This is great for them and your program!


Creating personalized ads and links URLs for each affiliate is important. However, doing this individually can take lots of time and cause major frustration. Fortunately, it’s possible to create these URLs within Affiliate Royale, and with very little required effort.

In this post, we’ve introduced you to Affiliate Royale’s Links & Banners feature, as well as shown you how to create your own. To quickly recap the process, you can locate the tool under Affiliate Royale > Links & Banners. From there, click Add New and make your selections. Select Update Links & Banners, and you’re all set!

Do you have any questions about ads and links, or how you can create them efficiently in Affiliate Royale? Let us know in the comments section below!