3 Smart Reasons to Create an Affiliate Newsletter

While you depend on your affiliates to successfully market your program, they rely on you to provide the communication that helps them succeed. Furthermore, although you'll have plenty of program-management tasks to keep track of, you shouldn't overlook regular and genuine affiliate communication.

Creating a dedicated affiliate newsletter makes it easy to stay in frequent contact with your affiliates. Even better, once it's up and running, it should only take a small chunk of your time to maintain.

In this post, we’ll introduce you to affiliate newsletters and the benefits they provide. We’ll then highlight three smart reasons to use one within your program and explain how Affiliate Royale can help. Let’s get started!

What An Affiliate Newsletter Is (And Why You Should Have One)

The MailChimp homepage

MailChimp is a popular email marketing service that integrates with affiliate program tools such as Affiliate Royale.

While you're likely familiar with the concept of email newsletters, you may be less familiar with how they can be used within your affiliate program. Whether sent weekly or monthly, you can use the newsletter to reap many benefits. For example:

  • It’s an easy way to stay in contact with your affiliates. With frequent contact your affiliates will feel like they’re part of a team, which increases engagement and loyalty.
  • It’s simple to set up, and maintenance of the newsletter is minimal. As one of the easiest communication tools you can set up, a newsletter can improve your program with very little effort on your part.

Overall, a newsletter can help you engage your affiliates while managing your other program tasks. Let's take a look at a few more benefits.

3 Smart Reasons to Create an Affiliate Newsletter

It goes without saying that you’ll need to know a bit about creating an effective newsletter to get your idea off the ground. However, the reasons below will also give you some great tips. Let’s dig in!

1. You Can Easily Share Important Program Information With Your Affiliates

Your affiliates are the middlemen between you and your customers. Therefore, they should have the most updated information on your products, services, and program. Unfortunately, keeping your affiliates in the loop can be difficult (for example, some may not regularly access their Affiliate Dashboard). A newsletter can keep everyone on the same page, as well as keep them engaged. Here’s how to get the most from your newsletter:

  • Make signups a requirement within the initial affiliate application. This will ensure that all of your affiliates are receiving your newsletter, and have access to the information you send.
  • Include a section that highlights program changes. It’s a good idea to keep program changes and information in a consistent location where affiliates are more likely to see them.
  • Add a Call To Action (CTA). Ask your affiliates to provide feedback about how you can help them attain their goals, or simply have them share their goals.

In short, sharing information is one of the best reasons to create a newsletter, as you can keep all of your affiliates up-to-date with one task.

2. It Improves Affiliate Relations by Encouraging Usable Feedback

The relationship between you and your affiliates should be one of trust. By enabling your affiliates to provide feedback, you can build this trust (which then translates into loyalty) and improve your program.

A loyal affiliate team can boost customer engagement and provide positive team-building examples. Fortunately, encouraging feedback can be simple with a newsletter. Here are just two ways to do so:

  • Encourage interaction. Encourage your affiliates to reply to your emails by asking direct questions and incorporating your responses.
  • Incorporate affiliate-submitted content. Let affiliates submit their own content, in order to diversify the newsletter and give others the chance to learn more from their peers.

Of course, the most important step is to implement the feedback that you receive. You want to show your affiliates that you take their suggestions seriously, and that you care about their happiness.

3. It Bolsters Affiliate Motivation by Encouraging Conversations

Conversations between you and your affiliates (as well as among themselves) can keep them motivated. The more motivated your members, the greater number of conversions you’re likely to see. Also, the more you encourage affiliates to communicate, the easier it is to get them engaged. Here are two ways to get them started:

  1. Include a brief look at team sales numbers. Encourage your affiliates to work towards a common goal (higher conversions) by sharing team sales numbers.
  2. Highlight an ‘affiliate of the month’. Highlight those who have gone above and beyond with their customers, and who have interacted helpfully with their fellow affiliates.

Overall, you want the conversation to be led by your affiliates. You may need to give a push here or there, but it’s important to give them the control.

How Affiliate Royale Can Help You Create an Affiliate Newsletter

The Affiliate Royale plugin.

Affiliate Royale is an affiliate program management tool that enables you to effortlessly create and manage your program, and it can also help with your program's newsletters. For example, you can include the newsletter signup on the Affiliate Sign-Up Page or Affiliate Dashboard. This makes signing up easy, and helps to display it prominently to your affiliates.

The Affiliate Royale Affiliate Dashboard

You can also use the Affiliate Stats section to start discussions around what constitutes success. Best of all, Affiliate Royale integrates with MailChimp – a popular newsletter tool – seamlessly.


Newsletters are a versatile marketing tool that you can easily add to your affiliate program. By including one, you can stay in contact with your affiliates and improve your program’s effectiveness through increased motivation and feelings of loyalty.

In this post, we’ve introduced you to affiliate newsletters and their benefits. We’ve also shown you three smart reasons to create one for your program. To recap, affiliate newsletters:

  1. Enable you to share important program information with your affiliates.
  2. Improve affiliate relations by encouraging useable feedback.
  3. Bolster motivation by encouraging conversations.

Do you have any questions about creating an affiliate newsletter, or how Affiliate Royale can help? Let us know in the comments section below!