The 1.0.9 Release of Affiliate Royale Just Launched

This release fixes several issues in Affiliate Royale:

  • Fixed an issue with Affiliate Royale's PayPal Subscription Integration
  • Fixed an issue with Authorize.Net ARB Integration
  • Fixed an issue with Affiliate Royale's Shopp + PayPal Integration
  • Enabled Cart66 Lite users to have an easy way to Integrate with Affiliate Royale
  • Fixed a Banner Upload issue in the Admin
  • Fixed an issue where some affiliates were not getting signup emails

Version 1.0.8 Launches

This latest version of Affiliate Royale fixes the following:

  • Fixed an issue where some themes were displaying the Affiliate Royale signup, login and dashboard twice
  • Fixed a confusing error message when the charts display
  • Shored up the security by disallowing direct page loads of AR php scripts
  • Fixed an issue affecting users running WordPress in a subfolder

Affiliate Royale Version 1.0.7

We just released our latest update for version 1.0.7 of Affiliate Royale. Here's what's new:

  • Fixed a bug in the Pay Affiliates page dealing with the display of commissions
  • Fixed a bug relating to an error in the PayPal Mass Payment file export
  • Added a honeypot to the Affiliate Signup page to prevent spam signups
  • Fixed installation issues affecting a small number of users

Version 1.0.06 Just Released

This revision adds several new features and bug fixes:

  • Fixed a few issues with css style enqueuing
  • Added an Affiliate table for viewing and searching affiliate stats
  • Added a weekly status dashboard widget
  • Added the ability to automatically make all new users into affiliates

All users should upgrade to this release as it does contain some important fixes.

Affiliate Royale Version 1.0.03

Today we just released version 1.0.03 of Affiliate Royale. The following changes have been made:

  • The Options Page has been redesigned
  • A tracking shortcode has been added
  • Added a country field to the affiliate signup and dashboard pages
  • Added the ability to customize the welcome message
  • Added the ability to resend the welcome message from the user profile page
  • Fixed several security and performance issues

Affiliate Royale Version 1.0.02

Tonight we just released version 1.0.02 of Affiliate Royale. The following changes have been made:

  • A bug in the forgotten password mechanism was fixed
  • The ability to customize the currency code, currency symbol and number format was added
  • Updated text domains and pot file to make Affiliate Royale able to accept translations into other languages

Affiliate Royale is LIVE

Well folks, Affiliate Royale is finally here. We just dropped the 1.0 release last night and we're ready to take orders!

We're planning on treating the blog here kind of like a changelog so you'll be able to see what we're doing as we continue to add features and fix stuff we find along the way.

So, if you decide to use Affiliate Royale it will probably be useful to add this blog to your RSS reader.

We're excited to share this awesome new product with the world and hope you like it too.