Affiliate Royale 1.3.3

We've added some great stuff in this release:

  • Added Super Stripe integration
  • Two new shortcodes wafp_show_affiliate_info which will conditionally display affiliate information if a referral cookie is set and wafp_show_if_referred which will conditionally show content if a referral cookie is set.
  • Fixed several small issues

Release 1.3.2

  • Adds support for DigLab's Stripe Payments plugin for WordPress
  • Fixed some issues with menu ordering
  • Fixed an issue with pretty affiliate links when running wordpress in a subdomain
  • Other minor fixes

Affiliate Royale Version 1.3 Released

We just issued our 1.3 release of Affiliate Royale. This release addresses some of the most requested features and issues that have been reported.
Here's what's new in the 1.3 Release of Affiliate Royale:

  • Added fixed amount commissions
  • Added WooCommerce integration
  • Made MemberPress integration available to all users
  • Fixed some minor issues with Affiliate Royale running on WordPress 3.5
  • Fixed an issue with declined credit cards in WP-E-Commerce
  • Added some actions and filters
  • Retina display compatibility in the Affiliate Royale admin
  • Added some enhancements to the Affiliate Royale update mechanism

Affiliate Royale 1.2

Affiliate Royale 1.2 is a major release … it represents months of work and implements many highly requested features. Here's a breakdown of what has changed:

  • Fixed a commission calculation issue to subtract Shipping/Tax from orders before recording
  • Added an option to force affiliates to fill in information before receiving commissions
  • Added a Default Affiliate Link option (which initially defaults to the first available link/banner)
  • Added a link to the User Manual from the wordpress admin
  • Added the ability to add an affiliate signup agreement
  • Fixed some issues with the automatic update code
  • Aweber API Integration fixes
  • Added several new list tables for viewing & searching completed payments, referred subscriptions, affiliate accounts & referred sales
  • Added 1 click copy to clipboard on the affiliate dashboard for affiliate links & banners
  • Added post processing (via cron) for & other gateway responses
  • Separated account info from home page of affiliate dashboard
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with W3 Total Cache
  • Added a label for text links
  • Added the option to make Affiliate links “Pretty”
  • Added a slug field to name affiliate links when pretty affiliate link option is enabled
  • Fixed date range issues in select month list for reports
  • Added the ability to select Multiple payment integrations
  • Restyled the nav bar to make it more compatible across various themes
  • Added the ability to add links to the dashboard nav bar
  • Added more stats to the affiliate dashboard
  • Fixed issues with Shopp integration
  • Fixed issues with International currencies
  • Fixed numerous smaller issues

Affiliate Royale 1.1.5

This release adds some important features for many Affiliate Royale users:

  • Fixed an issue with the “Lost Password?” mechanism on the Affiliate Royale login page
  • Added PayPal configuration option for forwarding IPN request to additional URLs
  • Added PayPal configuration option for receiving IPN request from alternate servers
  • Added PayPal configuration option for locking down the email addresses that valid IPN request can come in from
  • Added the ability to use the PayPal sandbox for testing purposes
  • Fixed issue with aweber description field not stripping slashes
  • Added Zero Configuration Integration with Cart66 (only works with Cart66 1.3.2 and above)

Affiliate Royale 1.1.4

This is another critical release with fixes related to the WordPress 3.3 release and some other more minor issues:

  • Another WordPress 3.3 related get_userdata issue
  • Fixed an issue with AJAX and affiliate link display in the Affiliate dashboard
  • Fixed an issue with Shopp integration when products are purchased with a discount

Affiliate Royale 1.1.3

We just released Affiliate Royale 1.1.3 … This is a critical update as it fixes a serious bug when running Affiliate Royale with WordPress 3.3. Here's what has changed:

  • Fixed a serious issue with Affiliate Royale & WordPress 3.3 … WordPress 3.3 changed the way it returned user data which completely crippled Affiliate Royale. The fix for this issue was quite simple and will ensure that this type of issue shouldn't come up in the future.
  • Fixed an issue uploading banner images for some users who aren't able to open remote urls due to their php configurations.
  • Created the option to not select a login and/or signup page so an alternate login and signup methods can be used
  • Added built-in WP eCommerce integration

Version 1.1.2 Released

This version of Affiliate Royale introduces the following changes:

  • Fixed a Javascript Error on the affiliate dashboard
  • Fixed a severe problem for some international users that was preventing commissions from being tracked when php and/or wordpress locale settings were set to use commas as decimals
  • Fixed a small issue with tracking multi-level commissions
  • Fixed a small issue with the automatic update routines

1.1.1 Release of Affiliate Royale

This release pushes the following changes:

  • Added an ability for the admin to change an affiliate's referrer on their user profile page
  • Fixed an issue with the Affiliate Royale automatic updates
  • Fixed an issue where 0%, 2nd level, “ghost” commissions were being recorded erroneously for affiliate referrers even when there is only one level
  • Added logic that will automatically reassign the affiliate children of an affiliate to her affiliate referrer (parent) when she's deleted as a user from the system

Affiliate 1.1.0 Is Live

All Affiliate Royale users should upgrade to version 1.1.0. Here's what has changed in this release:

  • Enhanced the Link & Banner management admin interface to use the built in media manager. Some users were having issues uploading images due to their web-server permissions and this should solve it.
  • Blank stats graph on the affiliate dashboard. Stats on the Affiliate Dashboard was initially showing up as blank when affiliates would browse them — this release fixes that.
  • Made several enhancements to the ar_track shortcode to better support different scenarios — especially those running commission per lead (CPL) programs and those wanting to track manual goals.